The Swallow's Nest


All jewelry is designed and hand made by Jayna.


Offering fine works of art, glass work, crafts, and other items produced locally.


Designed and handmade by Jayna. Comfortable, warm and most of all cute.

Sawmilled Lumber & Items

We will custom mill logs and timbers at our sawmill (Pony Creek Mill & Woodworking). Walnut, Oak, Ash, Black & Honey Locust and other rough cut lumber are available for purchase when available.

Photography, Art & Sculpture

Interesting visuals for your home or office. 

Home Decorations

Wreaths, swags and other beautiful original creations set the mood for the room or occasion.

Rustic Furniture & Accessories

Handmade, one-of-a-kind items for your home. Most of the products are from trees from our farm and sawmill.

Featured Products

Jayna's Country Store & Gardens