All jewelry is designed and hand made by Jayna.

Featured Products

Home Decorations

Wreaths, swags and other beautiful original creations set the mood for the room or occasion.

Photography, Art & Sculpture

Interesting visuals for your home or office. 


Designed and handmade by Jayna. Comfortable, warm and most of all cute.

Rustic Furniture & Accessories

Handmade, one-of-a-kind items for your home. Most of the products are from trees from our farm and sawmill.

Jayna's Country Store & Gardens


Offering fine works of art, glass work, crafts, and other items produced locally.

The Swallow's Nest

Sawmilled Lumber & Items

We will custom mill logs and timbers at our sawmill (Pony Creek Mill & Woodworking). Walnut, Oak, Ash, Black & Honey Locust and other rough cut lumber are available for purchase when available.