The Swallow's Nest -Jayna's Country Store & Gardens is located on our farm just south of Council Bluffs, Iowa in the Lewis Township.

For 30+ years Jayna and her husband John operated an equestrian center - a 26 stalled barn facility which offered horse training, riding lessons (dressage, western or hunter), stallions at service, and horse boarding. They produced both pure and part bred Arabian horses and enjoyed getting them in to the hands of capable horse people. This operation kept the entire family busy and took up a major amount of time.

"Over the past few years, we've ended the horse operations to concentrate on other adventures. We purchased a sawmill a few years back so that we could rough cut logs and manufacture our own lumber for the rustic furniture we build." John runs the sawmill with the assistance of his son Alec.

Jayna became hooked on the woodworking world. She makes rustic lamps from trees and limbs harvested here on the farm. You might see some that are available on the e-commerce store links at the bottom of our home page.

Jayna also enjoys the art and craft of making jewelry, dried flowers, antique restoration, and making wreaths and swags. She also grows cut flowers for bouquets.

"Our fleece products were all designed by and are hand made by Jayna. These include double layered hats, neck muffs/gators and a face mask that even her husband will wear in the cold - She developed the Comfy CheeksĀ® face mask after years of trying to find face protection but never found anything that really worked for her."

A couple of years ago Jayna and a retired Naval friend Nancy decided that having vegetable and flower gardens would be a great idea. for five years now they, with the help of many family members grew "almost" organic heirloom tomatoes, peppers, squash/pumpkins, and other assorted produce. Much of the produce is purchased by several chefs in the metro Omaha/Council Bluffs area eateries.  Jayna also tends large cutting and dried flower gardens. 

All in all we are pretty busy around JSC&G. You'll have to come out and visit. As we say... Get out'a town.

What we do to keep ourselves busy

The Swallow's Nest

Jayna's Country Store & Gardens